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Bored with your career? Sitting in front of the computer all day thinking what the future is? What you gonna do to really move the ground under you? What to make it all exciting once again as it was when you were starting something mind blowingly new? Feeling monotonous with daily routine of office going? Want to challenge the status que? Start thinking of owning your own business.

The excitement of doing something new in life, learning new things, achieving what others couldn’t just because they chose to be lead by someone else, or earning only scrapes of big profits of a giant organisation, is very encouraging and appalling at the same time. It challenges our mindset of being cozy in our comfort zone. Its scary as the monthly salary cheque/ credit will no more land in your bank account.

Be as it may, some changes we avoid, some we invite while some happen to us irrespective of our wishes to be in a cozy place. 2008 Global recession to Grexit to Brexit to Covid 19, we have to come to the end of world as we know it, while it was true from the beginning of time, that nothing is permanent or so called secured “job security” as apposed what they make us believe.

Came to realise your true potential of being business owner or company director or a start up founder? channelise your energies to make your dreams true. YOU CAN DO IT. YOU CAN BE THE EMPLOYER!

Come start with us, when you are ready to take a leap of faith in yourself, we are more than happy to guide you in your self realisation journey as a business owner as we were at the place as your are in. Witcorp may just be the guide which you need. Come start with us.

WHY Witcorp?

On personal front – We have been there where you are currently

On Professional front – Works speaks better than words, we would like to you highlight testimonials received from our clients.


About Jatin

Jatin Nasa is an experienced professional, having gained mettle in various technical areas while working with BIG 4 Professional firms – EY, PwC & Deloitte, for more than 5 years. He founded shiva advisors after leaving PwC and set up a Chartered accountancy firm, Agarwal Nasa & Associates.

Witcorp, finally, is a limited liability partnership which is an alternative corporate business form that gives the benefits of limited liability of a company and the flexibility of a partnership.

Jatin has immense knowledge and significant experience in the area of human capital covering global mobility and employment taxation, tax issues relating to exchange control, interpretation of double tax avoidance agreements, tax litigation and India social security.

At Witcorp, he is extensively involved in structuring of international assignments in a tax efficient manner, compensation structuring review, resolving cross border tax issues around individual taxation including advisory on Indian Social security. He keeps a constant vigil on financial markets, its breath, core and depth catering to investment advisory for the clients as per their risk appetite and investment horizon.

Apart from being a Chartered Accountant, he holds CFA level 1 clearance, ICAI certifications in valuation and international taxation. He also has a bachelor’s degree in commerce from University of Delhi.

About Damini

After completing her chartered accountancy, she started her career with PwC in their global mobility taxation. After 2 years of working, she switched to full time practice and established her name in this profession in the city of Bangalore as an owner at Shiva Advisors. After working as an individual practician for more than 2 years, she set up a chartered accountancy firm, Agarwal Nasa & Associates. She has made Witcorp India advsiors a reality with her sheer wit.

At witcorp, she has applied her diverse knowledge and gained expertise in corporate accounting, taxation and compliance, especially in GST compliances, TDS compliances, ROC, litigation, book keeping, Return filing, tax assessment.

Apart from being a Chartered Accountant, Damini has done graduation in commerce from University of Kanpur.


“The services from registration to taking care of all compliance requirements of the company affairs is well kept by Witcorp. The partners of this organisation work on the commitment and on-time delivery of the services once committed. I thank Witcrop for being with us and helping us grow further.”

-VishwaJeet Anand

“We been with Witcorp from the inception of my company, and every experience with them has been remarkable. In every encounter, Witcorp has shown me such a customer service, professionalism, and knowledge which proves their mettle within the tax service/ accounting industry.

Damini Agarwal has truly done an incredible job in providing a simple tax service to a leading tax preparation and accounting service across Bangalore and India. I would sincerely recommend Witcorp to anyone who asked without second thoughts.”

– Abhinav Pathania

“The GST filing service by Witcorp has been excellent and smooth. The partners and their team handled my queries effectively on time. Damini’s personal involvement makes the strenuous GST filing process, very easy.

Kudos to the team!”

– Rajesh Naik
Creative Director

“Extremely delighted with the service level, the promptness and the approach-ability. I also appreciate the knowledge level the team possesses that always helps us clear our questions”.

– Gorakh Shrivastav

“Damini is such a professional who will take the time out for you even if she is occupied and busy with a hundred other things. She has the patience to explain things to you like no other. She is a pleasant person to work with. Witcorp has been immensely valuable in helping us navigate the complexities of starting a business and get a grip on how corporate & tax compliance works. I would 100% recommend Witcorp”

– Mriganka Bhuyan

“We’ve been working with Witcorp since our inception. The partners and their team has led us through the progress and development of all our business, regulatory and financial endeavors. We have found them to be extremely trustworthy with the utmost professionalism. We would have no hesitation in recommending Witcorp to anyone in need of an excellent accountant, who constantly deliver what they promise.”

– Danish Refai

“Damini Agarwal of Witcorp have been with us since the day we incorporated our company. From helping us understand the different layers of compliance that our company needed to follow, making things simple and quick for the start up. She has done everything to help make our journey smooth so that we can focus on our core strengths. Rest assured that we are represented by a very professional team of chartered accountants and we look forward to many more years of this fruitful partnership that we have built together.”

– Rishabh Malhotra

“The partners of Witcorp have been professional and absolutely helpful. They are not only adept but also quick to provide solutions relating to their domain. Our financials including GST filings has been associated with them since inception and it has been smooth ride so far.”

– Arnold Fernandes

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