Customs Advisory, Compliance,
Audit and litigation support

In addition, we help with excise training, periodic compliances, filing clarifications, filing excise tax declarations, and applying for excise and selective tax registrations.

Global supply chains are necessary for global businesses. Managing these supply chains from a customs perspective is a huge undertaking because national customs laws and trade regulations are not harmonized internationally.

Our staff at WitCorp can assist you with managing customs compliances and identifying specialized solutions for organizing your supply chain in a way that is both sustainable and tax-effective.

WITCORP offers a wide range of customs services which include


  • Support for trade subscriptions and customs registrations.
  • Assistance with record-keeping and periodic compliance.
  • Creating Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to map standard procedures and processes unique to a business model or industry.
  • Support in obtaining certificates of customs clearance.
  • Support in acquiring export exit certificates.
  • Support in collecting refunds for customs duties.


  • Advice on certain tariff classifications, valuations, and customs concerns.
  • Providing education and knowledge about customs compliance.
  • Offer guidance on coordinating customs valuations with transfer pricing practices.
  • Assistance in securing preliminary decisions on particular matters that need further explanation.
  • Support for noncompliance with customs facilities, including World Logistics Passport (WLP), Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) status, and unified declarations.

Audit & Litigation Support:

  • Aid in the preparation of the reconciliation of audit submissions and declarations that are consumed, incoming, and outgoing.
  • Providing assistance during customs audits that the customs officials launch
  • Communicating with the Customs officials.
  • Support in submitting an application for a penalty relief through conciliation with Dubai Customs.
  • Support for submitting appeals and complains.