UAE Corporate Tax

WITCORP UAE Corporate Tax (UAE CT) Implementation Support Services:

In a significant development in the UAE, on January 31, 2022, the Ministry of Finance (MoF) announced the introduction of a Corporate Tax in the UAE effective from financial  years starting June 01, 2023.

Given the announcement of the new law, we believe that implementation should be well planned and thought out so that business can continue to function smoothly during and post implementation.

What we do?

Impact Assessment: Comprehensive evaluation of the CT regime’s applicability to both in-scope and exempt organizations

Comprehensive Evaluation: Examine the price of intercompany transactions and policies, identify any potential ambiguous tax and TP positions, and conduct a comprehensive impact assessment on the business based on the final CT and TP laws.

CT implementation

  • Help with the implementation of tax and TP policies as well as advice on structural modifications that include the tax function.
  • Assess and recommend system preparedness and help in registering for CT (individual or group).

UAE CT compliance

  • Assistance in preparation of CT return
  • Assistance in filing of CT return electronically
  • Assisting in preparation of TP local file
  • Evaluate arm’s length pricing of intercompany transactions