International Tax

For cross-border projects, we help determine the tax implications as well as other effects. In order to reduce risk and tax liabilities, we also assist our clients in organizing their operations in the most effective manner possible. We assist clients in determining the pertinent tax considerations in advance and incorporate them into their project estimates. Consequently, further assistance can be needed for contract negotiations or reviews that involve taxes.

How are we able to assist?

In order to assist customers in navigating the intricate worldwide tax environment, the tax professionals at WITCORP have provided advice on the following topics.

  • Handling the intricacies of various tax regimes and legal requirements.
  • Analysis of the nation and permanent establishments and global group reorganization.
  • Global compliance management and international tax reporting coordination
  • Health exams for group taxes.
  • Planning for the global capital structure, including effective cross-border financing, repatriation, and cash access.
  • Implications of withholding taxes on international transactions.
  • Strategies for entry and exit.
  • Planning for transfer prices and support for documentation.

Tax / zakat compliance support

We support businesses in the region with the following crucial procedures in the preparation, evaluation, and filing of tax and zakat declarations:

  • Work with your group to prepare the tax and zakat declarations, together with the comprehensive schedules needed to support them;
  • Help with the tax declaration certification process if the taxable revenue is more than the SAR 1 million level;
  • Translate the schedules and tax/zakat return into Arabic.
  • Complete the ERAD system’s tax and zakat return;
  • Support for entering tax and zakat returns into the ERAD system;
  • Guidance regarding the quarterly advance payment of taxes;
  • support for submitting the “Contract Information Form.”

Tax / zakat advisory

We offer a broad range of tax and zakat advising services, such as: assisting businesses in structuring their operations in a way that is both efficient and consistent with tax laws;

  • Help businesses structure their contracts in a way that complies with tax laws; Determine the effects of new tax and zakat regulations on the operations of their clients;
  • Help the company perform a health check.

Withholding tax consultation and compliance support

  • Review contracts and offer advice regarding the effects of withholding taxes;
  • Help with the monthly and yearly withholding tax returns; help entering the withholding return into the ERAD system.

Tax / zakat representation before the General Authority of Zakat & Tax (‘GAZT’)

  • Help the Company with field inspections; Review, draft, translate, and submit a response to the GAZT inquiries, together with a review of the accompanying documentation;
  • Track down and acquire the ultimate evaluation;
  • providing support and guidance on evaluations, the procedure and outcomes of objections and appeals.